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WHo iz David Upp?


Thats one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves everyday. Who really is David Thomas Upp???

 Well for starters he's the son of Kevin and Lanette Upp. He was found scatting on the kitchen floor at age 3 and his parents knew he was doomed to a life of music. For David, music is like breathing. 

His love of music came from his mothers side being musicians and his father driving him around in an old car with a cassette deck. His father would take him and buy handful of cassettes at a time and this was his music education along with taking him to music stores to nerd out and buy what he heard on rock and classic radio. 

At the age of 10 he taught himself to play guitar and kazoo. he taught himself how to howl in a microphone and eventually sing. 

after years of guitar playing he taught himself piano, programming and recording and engineering his own recordings. 

The Record "She Was Sarcastic to Begin With" for the most part was recorded in his pajamas in his living room. 2 other were recorded in Tyler, Tx in a garage. so fancy!

Finally to finish the album he flew to see his longtime friend/producer Jim Finley in California to mix and master the album. 

this album is dedicated in loving memory to his Father, Kevin Louis Upp. He taught David how to laugh, love, be a man, good music, and to be courageous. 


David Upp- Piano, Vocals, guitar, programming, and magic