How "Paris" Started

I was working as a maintenance man at a waterpark  one summer  at the ripe age of 26 and as I was walking around I started singing the melody for the verse line." I started a war inside your heart......" and so on and so forth.

It was one of the hottest summers working outside but the good part was walking around the whole park working on ideas for melodies and songs. 

I never really sat at a piano to figure out the structure or work on "Paris". If I did, it was only to tinker with the ideas. I went up to Tyler, Tx to work with Garron, my close friend, to record an EP. We went through all the rock songs quickly that I wanted to work on but I had something different that I wanted to work on as well. So we set up the nord keyboard and I wrote the rest of "Paris" all right there just using the pieces of melodies I  had in my head from working at the waterpark and fooling around on any piano I could use. We did the music one day and most of the vocals. I was still stuck without a bridge melody though. 

At the time I was staying with Hannah's (my cellist) cousins Seth and Lia. Seth had introduced me to his own brand of wine called "Ninja Wine" because it snuck up on you.

Each night after being in the studio all day, I would watch movies with them and get sloshed on ninja wine. From what I remember, Seth would take wine and then add other items to give it the more potency. One glass and you were feeling good. Two glasses and you were ready to pass out. I think I remember drinking three at most. 

After having my butt kicked by the ninja wine, I was in bed hurting but I woke up quickly and wrote something in my notes before I passed back out. The next morning, I woke to an awful headache and my phone still open on my notes to the words, "girls sure love to cry so I, I might as well make them and ill make you though it kills me. I failed you".

It made me laugh so I kept it and that day we finished "Paris". We only used "Paris" from all the songs we recorded that week. Once I was back in Houston, the music video started creeping in and around my brain. 


David Upp