david upp

Established in 2014, David Upp’s brainchild dubbed, The Greatest View, a group trifecta of stringed and percussive instruments, is based out of Houston, Texas. Evoking a reimagined James Taylor post neo-narrative, The Greatest View proposes not only synthesized ballads contented with alternative indie soundscapes, but with well-intended lyrics. The Greatest View romantically captures the years of heartbreak, heart-joy, and the unknown. 

Featuring an energy that dwells in both daylight and nightlife, much like a novel of suspense, The Greatest View can shift from mellow to upbeat in a quick flip of a nightlight. But who is scared of the dark anymore? Their debut album, "She Was Sarcastic to Begin With",  exists in both an auditory and visual tale of trekking the familiar facets of love and its responsibility. 

Photographs by Andrew Hemmingway.